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Delvigent (Hebei)Biotech Co., Ltd
  Delvigent is an international company which develops and produces innovative feed additives with short- and medium-chain fatty acids and essential oils as main ingredients.
  The company is founded by a group of international investors which all have more than 20 years of experience in animal health and feed additive solutions. They found each other in their shared view for the need for better antimicrobial replacement solutions to have a sustainable future for agriculture.
  In our own production facility in Cangzhou, China we produce high quality feed additives and supply them to a wide range of customers, from feed mill to farm, all over the world.  Our factory currently has a capacity of 60,000 ton per year, with the possibility to expand to 120,000 ton per year in the near future. Having our own factory means we can offer our customers great flexibility and enables us to have a strict control on the quality of our products.
  The location of our production facility gives us the added benefit of having a good supply of high-quality raw materials, while being close to several international ports (Tianjin, Qingdao) enables us to quickly access the biggest markets for animal nutrition in the world.

  With our experienced and motivated team, we are ready to deliver on our promise: 
  Our Passion, Your Success!

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