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Environment, health and safety


  Delvigent cares about its customers and employees. This means our facilities and products have to be designed to be safe and to have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

  This started with the design and construction of our factory. Delvigent built the factory according to the strictest standards for safety and environment protection which results in the lowest possible emission of waste water and air, to minimize the impact of our industrial footprint.

  In our factory all kind of safety measures are implemented. First of all, our factory is highly automatized which reduces the risk on safety incidents. On top of that, our team is continuously being trained to work according to our safety standards and rewarded to choose safety and quality over production volume. 

  By supporting our customers in their need to reduce the usage of antibiotics and by developing products which are focused on healthy and efficient animal nutrition, Delvigent is helping its customers to use natural resources more effective. All these measures ensure a steady supply of products to our customers and contribute to a more sustainable future for agriculture in general.

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