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  Delvigent strives to supply its customers with the highest possible quality of products and services. Our quality management system is structured to guarantee maximum animal feed safety. 
  This starts already when defining our product compositions. All products are extensively tested, both on chemical stability and efficacy to ensure the best performance.
  In our products we only purchase raw materials from suppliers which are approved by our quality department. Each supplier is carefully selected by a pre-defined process which includes supplier visits, sample analysis and an evaluation of permits and licenses.

  After arrival of the raw materials in our production facility, samples are taken and our modern laboratories are able to analyze quickly if the materials are meeting the minimum quality standard for each raw material. We only use materials in our factory after approval by our quality control department. Our laboratory is equipped with equipment such as NIR and HPLC, which enables to perform quickly a reliable analysis.

  When our operators complete the production of our products, samples are taken and these are analyzed before the products are released for distribution. This guarantees that all products which leave our factory are meeting our quality standard.

Quality management does not stop at the level of products for Delvigent. Our customers and colleagues are actively stimulated to give feedback in order to be able to continuously improve our product and services.
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