Feed acidifier
Feed acidifier
Vcid LD

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Vcid LD/ Vcid-Dry and Vcid-Plus LD/Dry
Main Components: Partially buffered formic acid, combined with acetic acid and lactic acid, etc..
Product Functions:
1, SCFAs can inhibit Gram-negative bacteria in the stomach and first stage of small intestine, and lower infection risk caused by Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, etc..
2, SCFAs helps to improve pepsin activity and intestinal enzyme secretion, enhance the digestibility of protein, fat and other nutrients in feed, reducing diarrhea caused by spoilage and fermentation of protein in hindgut.
3, SCFAs are helpful in promoting the development and recovery of intestinal epithelium, maintaining the normal intestinal function and stable flora, thus improving the production performance of animals.
4, Vcid-Plus has better palatability.
Recommended Dosage
  Vcid or Vcid-Plus
piglet 3-5 kg/ Mt
fatterners/sows 2-4 kg/ Mt
Broiler-starter 2-5 kg/ Mt
Broiler-grower 1-3 kg/ Mt
Layers 1-3 kg/ Mt
Vcid-Dry / Vcid-Plus Dry: 25kg/bag;
Vcid LD / Vcid-Plus LD: 225kg/drum; 1000kg/IBC.
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