Feed moisture optimalisation
Feed moisture optimalisation
Vcid-Aquamax LD

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Vcid-Aquamax LD
Main Components and mode of action:
1. Surfactant: reduce the surface tension of water;
2.Water binding agent: helpful in preventing the accumulation and migration of water and water distribution in feed;
3. Buffer propionic acid (propionic acid + Ammonium Propionate): prevent feed from getting moulds.
Recommended Dosage:
1.Prepare solution with 2.5-3% Vcid-Aquamax LD, and spray 10-20Kg/Mt of the mixture into feed during mixing stage.
2.It is recommended to use when the feed moisture is less than 11.5%.
3. It is recommended to use the Vcid-Antimould range products when there is high risk of getting mould.
Packaging: 225kg/drum; 1000kg/IBC

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