Salmonella control
Salmonella control
Vcid-Salnox LD/Dry

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Vcid-Salstop LD/Dry
Main Components: Partially buffered formic acid, combined with acetic acid and propionic acid, etc..
Product Functions:
1. Compound partially buffered acids can inhibit Salmonella and other pathogenic intestinal bacteria, such as Campylobacter and Escherichia coli.
2. Keeping dosing SCFAs in feed can help decontaminate feed production line, transport vehicles and feeding line in farms, preventing secondary pollution.
Recommended Dosage:
Vcid-Salstop Dry can be dosed directly in the feed mixing stage.
Vcid-Salstop LD is recommended to spray onto the raw material on conveyer, or mix with water then spray the solution to feed during mixing stage. 
The dosage of Vcid-Salstop is also depending on initial contamination level.
  Vcid-Salstop Dry Vcid-Salstop LD
raw materials from animal origin (fish,..) 5-8kg/Mt 4-6kg/Mt
raw materials from plant origin (grains etc). 3-5kg/Mt 2-4kg/Mt
Complete feed 2-4kg/Mt 1-3kg/Mt
Vcid-Salstop Dry: 25kg/bag;
Vcid-Salstop LD: 225kg/drum; 1000kg/IBC.
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