Drinking water acidifier
Drinking water acidifier
Vcid-pH and Vcid-pH Plus

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Vcid-pH and Vcid-pH Plus 
Main components: Partially buffered short chain fatty acids blender.
Product function:
1. Partially buffered short chain fatty acids blender can help to remove biofilm in drinking waterline;
2.Buffered short chain fatty acids blender can reduce infection risk caused by pathogens, improve drinking water quality and optimize intestinal flora balance;
3. SCFAs can improve feed digestibility by increasing pepsin activity and promoting secretion of pancreatic juice.
4. Vcid-pH Plus has even higher buffering capacity which fits layers or farms with hard water.
Recommended dosage:
Cleaning waterlines
Step 1: Peroxyde + flushing with cold water 
Step 2: leave 1% Vcid-pH solution for 12 h in the waterlines, later rinse with cold water.
Prevention of yeast and moulds in waterlines after cleaning the waterlines
1-2 liter of Vcid-pH /Vcid-pH Plus in 1000 liter of drinking water, for 12-24 h.
Keeping healthy and better performance
Poultry : different protocols available but common used
- D1-D21 : 2 liter/ 1000 liter water
- D22-D35: 1-2 liter/ 1000 liter water (12 hrs/day) or every second or third day (at moment from vaccination: no Vcid-pH)
- 3 days before slaughter: 1-2 liter/ 1000 liter of water
- D1-D21: 1-2 liter/ 1000 liter water (16 hrs/day)
- Peak production: 2 liter/ 1000 liter (every second day)
- Moment from stress: 3 days continuously.
- D1- D21: 2 liter/ 1000 liter water
- D22-D42: 1-2 liter/ 1000 liter water
- 20 kg : stress moments – diarroea : 5 days continuously 24 hrs
If used for Salmonella control: other protocols available
 Vcid-pH/Vcid-pH Plus: 10kg/can; 25kg/can; 225kg/drum; 1000kg/IBC.
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