Aquatic acidifier
Aquatic acidifier
VCID AquaCare

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VCID AquaCare

Stabilize water quality and improve animal health
Product composition:
Formic acid, acetic acid, citric acid, malic acid, plant extracts, etc
opportunity :
1. When the environment changes violently; The compound organic acid formula can effectively reduce the stress reaction caused by the adverse environment such as high content of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite, high breeding density, low oxygen content and sudden change of water temperature.

2. Before and after seeding; Stabilize the pH of the water. It can quickly reduce the pH value, stabilize the pH value of the pond water and stabilize the water quality when used before seedling setting and during breeding. Improve bottom heat: the use of aging ponds can avoid water stratification and bottom heating; For the oxygen deficiency at the bottom and the heat of decay at the bottom, which help to decompose the organic matter in the aquaculture pond.

3. After stress reaction; The addition of antioxidant effective factors helps to prevent food refusal caused by stress and various uncomfortable symptoms after stress, and improves appetite recovery. Compound organic acids combined with essential oils can improve the body's immunity, improve the body's anti stress ability, enhance the body's immunity, and reduce the disease incidence rate caused by stress reaction. (improve immune function and disease resistance of animals)

4. Before and after water change; It can effectively alleviate various stress reactions caused by rapid increase of ambient temperature, water change, refueling, transportation, etc.
Package: 1 kg/bottle

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