Aquatic acidifier
Aquatic acidifier
VCID AquaSafe

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VCID AquaSafe

Algae control & decomposition of algal toxins
Product composition:
Formic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid, citric acid, essential oil
1 it is used all day and is not affected by weather, temperature, organic matter, pH value and other factors. During general breeding, it can effectively control the negative impact brought by moss, enhance the oxygen permeability of water, quickly degrade the organic matter and toxin produced by moss and decay after algae death. Before and after water exchange in the pond, it can effectively promote the growth of beneficial algae in the pond and help to enrich the water in the pond in the early stage. During the continuous rainy period for a long time, the balance of pond water and algae is effectively stabilized. Reduce the concentration of heavy metal ions in the water environment, promote the decomposition of organic phosphorus, pyrethroids and algal toxins, and decompose algal toxins without causing "lean water"
Highlight #1: "formic acid + acetic acid + citric acid" accelerates the decomposition of algal toxins
Organic acids promote the decomposition of algal toxins. Organic acids can effectively reduce the concentration of heavy metal ions in the environment through the chelation and complexation of carboxyl COOH or coor or cor in the structure, so as to achieve the purpose of detoxification.
Highlight #2: Essential Oil + acid "precise algae control!
1. Develop a new environmentally friendly and efficient new type of environmental algae control agent!
2. Study the growth mechanism of algae; It mainly uses organic acids and essential oils to destroy the structure and organelles of algae and inhibit the photosynthesis of algae. This algaecide also has a broad spectrum and a wide range of applicable pH values. Generally, it can be applied at pH 10.0. Even under alkaline conditions, it still has high stability.
3. The product contains essential oil + acid, which is safe and friendly to animals and the environment while solving problems!

Package : 1 kg/bottle

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